I teach a range of classes, including courses on the theory of criticism of games, games and society, and game design.

In my teaching, whether in applied, technical, or theory-based courses,  I seek to promote critical thinking about games and digital media. I want students to walk away from my courses with a more sophisticated understanding of players, communities, and design.

If you would like to see any of my syllabi, reach out!

Courses Taught

High Point University

GAM 3342: Theory and Criticism of Games. (Spring 2019).

GAM 3312: Principles and Practices of Interactivity. (Spring 2020).

COM 1110: Human Commination (Spring 2020).

GAM 3881: Animation for Video Games. (Fall 2019).

GAM 2222: Games and Society. (Fall 2019).

FYS 1000: History of Video Games. (Fall 2019).

GAM 3342: Theory and Criticism of Games. (Spring 2019)

GAM 2268: Game Practicum. (Spring 2019)

COM 2282: Players, Gamers, and Game Cultures. (Fall 2018, Spring 2019)

COM 2241: Electronic Media History and Development. (Fall 2018)

Arizona State University

TEL 504: Learning and Instruction. (Spring 2016)

Academic Associate. Oversaw 20 students.

EDT 561/461: Understanding Games for Impact. (Fall 2015)

Co-Instructor. Collaborated on all aspects of the course.