A list of (non-exhaustive) current and previous projects.

StoryTeach Project

Design, prototyping, testing, and release of three games to teach computer science concepts to middle school girls. We began with extensive playtesting of digital educational CS games, but ultimately ended up with three print-and-play games. This was ultimately to enhance accessibility for our target population.

You can check out the games here. Read about our lessons learned (which were many) here.

Pokémon Go Motivations

For my dissertation research, I followed communities of players when the game came out. A survey of 149 players and in-depth interviews of three families led to the creation of a player motivation framework, but there were many other ideas I touched on.

You can check out the dissertation here or read a shorter article from my family research here. I plan to distill the most interesting findings about motivation into a more digestible post.

Twine Workshop

My love of Twine is no secret, and I have used the tool in many different contexts, teaching both young and adult learners how to use the tool. It’s great for prototyping story ideas, for thinking about narrative, and to just have fun.

You can read about my work with girls learning the tool here.