Ideas For Stories

Maybe you came in with some story ideas today, but if not, I have some suggestions.

Write or make a game about

…something funny that happened to you or someone you know

…time travel

…a turning point or important moment in your life

…your pet (very popular!), a day in the life or an adventure

…a vacation you took or would like to take

..a day you’d like to do over

…a fantasy story

…a dystopian future


…a book, movie, or video game you love- nothing wrong with fan fiction!

Writing Prompts

Looking for a cool and very specific story idea? The subreddit Writing Prompts has lots of ideas that people have posted. If you come up with something you like, maybe you could even share it there.

Sharing Stories

If you want to upload your story and share it, just download it as an .html file and upload it to Then share the link on social media using #MPLTwine and/or #MPL.  Let’s keep the conversation going!

And if you have any ideas for writing prompts for future workshops, games you want to show me, or you just want to chat, please reach out to me 🙂